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Hi, I’m Sonia Magnier

Hi, I’m Sonia, a life, business and wellbeing coach. I can support you with your goals and challenges. MINDSET is a big part of this, I have seen many clients change how they live and work when using the tools I teach. You can create a business that supports the life you want to live and my mission is to support you in creating harmony in all areas of your life. Finding calm in the chaos can be difficult however with the right tools and support it IS possible!

coaching services

In-person Coaching

Sonia brings her wealth of expertise directly to you in one-on-one sessions, ensuring personalized strategies and tailored advice. Benefit from real-time feedback, hands-on techniques, and a compassionate approach as Sonia delves into your unique health journey. Whether you’re navigating personal challenges, aspiring for physical vitality, or seeking emotional equilibrium, Sonia is here to guide, nurture, and inspire you towards your best self. Elevate your well-being journey with Sonia’s dedicated expertise and care.

Corporate Wellness

Understand the critical link between employee well-being and workplace productivity. This workshop is designed to equip your teams with actionable strategies for better mental clarity, stress management, and holistic health. Through interactive sessions, group exercises, and expert insights, we foster a culture of wellness that translates into improved team morale and enhanced performance. Partner with us and invest in the well-being of your most valuable assets – your employees

Virtual Coaching

Through our virtual sessions, you’ll receive the same level of in-depth coaching, actionable advice, and compassionate guidance as in-person visits. Whether you’re working towards physical goals, seeking emotional balance, or navigating life’s challenges, Sonia is just a click away, ready to guide and empower you every step of the way.

stress management techniques

In today’s fast-paced world, finding serenity can feel elusive. But with the right strategies, it’s within reach. Dive into my curated stress management techniques, refined through years of personal and professional experience. Here, you’ll discover effective tools and insights designed not only to manage but to transform stress into vitality. Embrace a calmer, more balanced you. Because wellness isn’t just about being stress-free, it’s about thriving in every situation.

Motivation and accountability

Every wellness journey has its peaks and valleys. Harnessing the right motivation can be the game-changer, and maintaining accountability, the guiding star. With my tailored program, I offer you a potent blend of inspiration and commitment. I’ve crafted strategies rooted in my entrepreneurial background and wellness expertise to keep you moving forward with purpose. Partner with me, and together, we’ll ensure you not only set your goals but passionately pursue and achieve them. Let’s turn your aspirations into your reality.

Personalized programs

Experience the power of personalized wellness programs with Sonia as your coach. Tailored to your unique needs, Sonia’s programs provide practical solutions for achieving your health and well-being goals. Contact Sonia today to explore your personalized wellness journey.

goal setting

Coaching empowers you to define, pursue, and attain your health and well-being objectives. Sonia guides and supports you in achieving your personal or business goals.


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